Institute Secretary


The Universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act 2003 Section 84 places the responsibility for the day to day administration of the Institution in the hands of the Institute Secretary. At the Uganda Institute of Information & Communications Technology, the office of the Institute Secretary is responsible for the following:

1.       Estates Management

The Maintenance Technician and the Handyman fall under the supervision of the Institute Secretary to attend to minor and routine repairs including assessing and coordinating capital developments on the estate. They attend to plumbing, electrical repairs, air conditioning equipment, the generator including compound maintenance.

2.       Hostel Management

The Institute operates a hostel; supervision of the Custodian in charge of the hostel is under the office of the Institute Secretary. The duties of the Custodian include receiving and welcoming students in the hostel including overseeing their departure when they have completed their studies. The Custodian takes charge of emergency situations when residents become sick and attending to these young people’s day to day problems. The Custodian provides some counseling to students with personal problems.

3.       Security Management

Managing security of the Institute also falls under the office of the Institute Secretary who supervises the Security Officer and his security team composed of day and night guards. There is a Police presence on the institute grounds which the Institute Secretary coordinates in association with the Institute’s Security Officer.

4.       Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Office is under the office of the Institute Secretary. That office helps the Institute to identify and recruit the right people for the positions within the organizational structure. It oversees staff welfare, discipline, human resource development, staff appraisal and monitors staff performance including managing staff separation.

5.       Student Affairs Management

The Institute Secretary serves as the Dean of Students responsible for guild affairs, guild elections, students welfare, co-curricular activities, facilitates students associations and sports. Others include UNSA, UNAU, students’ inter-institutional cooperation and the Alumni association.


Staff under the office of the Institute Secretary

1. Ag. Institute Secretary -Mr. Micheal Bwengye
2.Ag.Admin Officer Human Resource- Ms. BettesNyongyera   0312165126
3.Ag.Custodian   -  Ms. Juliet Bukirwa 0312165148
4.Head of Office Assistants     - Mr. Lucas Kahama  0312165148
5. Maintenance Technician - Mr. BenardOwori 0312165148
6. Handyman -Mr. Chris Asaba   0312165148
7. Ag.Security Officer - Mr. Charles Okiror 0312165120
8. Front Desk Officer(Reception) - Ms. SyliviaNalugya 0312165100
9. Office Assistant  - Ms. Maria Mbabazi  0312165119