ICT Department

No doubt, communication services are in an ever increasing demand owing to the fast changing trend of ICT technologies, the need for technicians qualified in installing, designing, assembling, and management of computer equipment and computer systems operating and maintaining the networks is inevitable.
UICT endeavors to meet this demand through training technicians to acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them meet the service demands of the modern ICT industry.

Work Opportunities

Holders of UICT diplomas have the opportunity of working for telecommunication network operators, communications service providers, communications installation and maintenance companies. Besides being prepared for employment in the Communication sector, the acquired knowledge and skills are enough to inspire the technicians create jobs by setting up their own ICT service companies.

The ICT Department takes pride in offering four ICT diploma programs and one certificate program.

Diploma Programs
1. Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering
2. Diploma in Computer Technology
3. Diploma in Information Technology for Science (ITS)
4. Diploma in Information Technology for Business (ITB)

Certificate Program
1. Certificate in Information and Communication Technology